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Nopame is a live project which combines afro-funk, nu disco and deep house vibes. Nopame is a project, born in the winter of 2013 with a percussion jam based electronic music. Today, Nopame is a fusion between electronic music with tropical live beats, jazz and funk influences, mixed and combined with live sax and percussion.
Cristian Melak is a well-known percussionist with an impressive artistic repertoire within bands like Sensor, Blanoz, Mara and KSA.
Paolo Profeti comes from Milan, Italy, currently living in Bucharest, has studied sax and has played with the most famous artists from his country and many others from the jazz and afro funk scene.
Norbert Halmagyi comes from Cluj-Napoca and he is well known in the local scene of jazz and funk. He also moved to Bucharest and has had many projects with Aylin & The Lucky Charms, Mushroom Story and Kaleidonescu.
Charlie Boy is a veteran on the Bucharest musical scene, familiar with all the clubs, promoters and artists in the capital night life. Being a prolific artist, and developing different approaches and musical vibes, has made him quite popular among the entertainment business. Charlie with his fresh musical esthetic: deep house, techno, disco flavors all mixed up in a positive note, that vibrates from behind the desk.