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alt BAB
„Seeing” the untold story. 
You may wonder how everything started, well that, dear reader, might be better heard than seen. As you might already know there are not many who'm seek nor the less who seem to find, as so, our journey begins here where everything was "Built", even so you may wonder how long has it been since eyes laid gaze on this vivid, yet hectic realm of beauty and sorrow of contrast and plain of "Clouds" and rainbows yet, there is no knowledge of such matter tho we struggle to see beyond them. 
Everyday we keep on looking but, for a moment would you be so kind as to see beyond the "Clouds" and as you do, you will see something "Bright", even if for the time being colors are not seen, keep in mind that this might as well be just the begging of the journey, see the light and recall that in time everything will be "Bright" you have your "Liberty"! 
Take time in remembering, in living those beautiful "Moments", share your joy with those around you as they will soon share theirs with you. After a long road be so kind as to enjoy this beautiful "Sunset" and keep in mind ,that even, if it's only been heard, this, dear reader, is "Seeing". 
We share another chapter of this vivid and beautiful story,
as we take time in crafting our ideas, sounds and textures and transposing them to music and by doing so, sharing would only be fair.
"Seeing" was the begging of the story and now our sight must be "Ahead". It is often that we find ourselves surrounded by musical textures, yet we often take little time in "Seeing"; the wind telling the story of time, birds singing their lullabies, through the mountains a cold whisper can be heard as water passes by, snow echoing around, feelings covering the shy, green grass, one vivid world that can be seen "Ahead" and so our story unfolds.